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Jacobi Red's debut mixtape filled to the brim with swag. follow @jacobired


released May 30, 2011

Produced, Recorded, & mixed by Jacobi Red in Atlanta, GA.



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JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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Track Name: Redwood
Jacobi Red's debut mixtape filled to the brim with swag. follow @jacobired
Track Name: Afrique
She a bad bitch, like something out a mag
Beside her, designer empty leather bag
She never carry cash, so credit is very bad
But mami Fresh to death ima bury that
I'm peeping her legs couldn't tell she was staring back
Im thinking ahead hot as hell she been there & back
So I asked
I don't mean to sound eclectic
But baby can u tell me how was heaven when you left it
& then we jet
& she loving how them checks get
Every single color style of her favorite dresses
& if we riding Lexus she acting like my ex's
But if we in that jet Benz she be like my best friend
I can't stand it but I'll never abandon the p
Plus I know just how to handle the b
Whisper something fake grab her where them handles would be
A Quick blink we tearing up the sheets
Cuz baby girl afrique

Tell me why She always do her nails in the truck
It don't matter getting nailed in the truck bed
Why she always feigning like them heels ain't enough
Like Me & the devil cut a deal for the rough sex
Say she going jogging skinny jeans & the pumps
I know she lying tell me why I won't confront yet
I tell her I love her but it's all really lust
But if it isn't am I ready for the jump yet?
But what does she really mean to me
It seems to me she needs me to breathe
I make her think I believe she needs a shrink
So She do whatever she think she needs to keep me
Bringing all of her friends to the crib to meet me
She can probably guess what it is I'm thinking
-She put her mad face on making my heart skip a beat
Ménage a trois up in the loft she afrique
Track Name: Outdoors
Oh lord
My companions are the pen & the sword
No lighter cuz I'm spitting the torch
Neo in search of the Source
Young padawan in search of the force
To move crowds like a cattlemans horse
Ya herd it wolf man eyes facing the north
Ya girlie she admire the whip
Eyes saying that she trying to dip
& She's a slave to u driving the whip
So we escape now she driving the stick da dick
Now see how quick a chick switch the stick up for a nigga in a pickup truck
They see through the warrior makeup
She will never leave him nor can she believe him
Instinct to lie girls change with the seasons
The only thing in this life to chase is a dream bitch
Up the pace take ur place with the kings
& ain't a thing on this earth that they can tell us
Stay true to urself & In the words of the elders


I see ur tired I know
I see the life that you chose
I see nobody has told you once you go outdoors
You're out on ur own x4
I said just Trust what you know
& u can never go wrong
They told me Follow your nose but once you go outdoors
You're out on ur own x4

In the spirit of the hunt
He hides appearing to be nothing
A lion in the brush
Stays quiet for his lunch
But I will never be hushed
Before my body is dust
Never for long my songs digging me up
& it's hard when
Struggles turn to hardships
U will get the thought
Ur just another artist
Just perfect the art then start making a plan
You're heading for the door cuz parents don't understand
& Take a look at ur soul there's more to being a man
Than lying to urself & exploring what's in ur pants
While I'm exploring the world & getting cash
At last u found ur calling in life is living fast
So take the pain of the past & pour it out in a glass
My girl Mary does a number with jack
U can't keep ur soul locked down with a home
The place you go to get what u want is outdoors


I see ur tired I know
I see the life that you chose
I see nobody has told you once you go outdoors
You're out on ur own x4
I said just Trust what you know
& u can never go wrong
They told me Follow your nose but once you go outdoors
You're out on ur own x4
Track Name: Drive Slow
My homie died yesterday I'm still coping
Fell victim to the grind with his eyes still open
Maybe He was looking for the good In this world
See It doesn't take much in this life to lose focus
Just a dream deferred in other words
A burden we observe it hurts to let the words mix
& once in them birds will then converge to splurge to get them purses gold diggings the worst shit
& then try to fit a job in wit college
Theres No room for all the Costumes in the closet
But through the hard knocking and nonsense
He couldn't hear the door hard knocking it's ur concious
fighting yourself is just an uphill battle
Shining spotlight on the monster only makes a bigger shadow
Lifes got me feeling like the baby with the rattle
but ur just an astrophysisist u don't even matter
Mass & velocity I stand in front of tragedy
Maybe cuz I'm killing these beats but granted amnesty
Cold war kid that's word to ur mother
anytime I drop the new shit make u duck & cover
Take a look at the pharoh but please don't touch
My lines sarcophagus gold with no Rustin
Never see me up in the club I'm out bustin
Nuts over beats & once ur asleep
I'm the nigga creeping outta ur closet spitting lyrical bombs
I'm no trig but I'm a problem
The rent I couldn't aford so Ima dodge em
While u were cleaning them floors I'm cleaning up in the stores
In them days my pay was more Acura
I did it on my accord it was more natural
Now My minds lambo humble as a lamb though
Rappers getting jammed up I got Peter pan flow
No I'll never grow up I'm focused on the blow up
Get ur doe up & I Better get the cheese for these cold cuts
Sandwich ill bag this with my eyes closed
that's fine homie but u better drive slow
Track Name: It's On Me (Ghetto Version)
I finished school then I started handling business
Applying reverse physics & grinding to the limit
Now everything that I drop rise & won't diminish
I'm rhyming till my shit televised & Grammy wining
Red rippin, u rap on the side it's obvious
Time is just a bit on my side cuz I'm not even
19 & u won't find nobody iller
Than I so put ur cups to the sky & sip the liquor now
Brush up on it what u wanted tell em bring em out
Talking just a couple hundred never bring em out
She was touching sleazy does it guess I bring it out
She wanna get to genie rubbing heavy breathing now
Call the reverend Grab the railing oh we leaving now
Shawty bailing aint no telling where it's leading now
Now I'm in her mouth - then I'm coming out
Swallow the accent but she know I'm from the south

Look in the mirror-mirror on my wall & I see my only enemy
Real shit I want it all
I put the world on my shoulders
It's on me--never take a day off hell
It's on me--whenever they talk well
It's on me--so whatever u want girl
It's on me me me

Now everybody got their 2 cents
Hatin till I hop up out that new shit
Open sesame then where the roof is?
& u can tell my ambitions where the roof is
On a mission to put on exhibits where the Louve is
No dummy make money make noise
I'm tripping in the interview trying to stay poised
Don't they get it I'm a fucking power in this game, boi
Energizer to this, up the lights when I spit
Beware of fluorescent lights from the wrist
I'm lying I'm pushing the backlight on the wrist
They be trying to mime us & size up the risk
They're just clouding their minds I do mines on the wrist
Fighting can fuck up ur whole life, Michael Vick
& if u fighting for good u might not make it rich
But ima get out the hood & take life like the pigs
Get enough of the goods & give it right to the kids
Track Name: Tall Trees
Nick Nack paddwack give a dog a bone
Nick sack pretty fat niggies on the phone
& they just tryna kick it get it all lit up
Blowin shit ll make ya chest jump like a sit up
Wait about ten now a couple of em wit us
Dimes ya minds gettin slow try to keep up
Wind up 5 of the pine that'll keep us
Til u get back wit the yak nigga
Pop both those four locos & pass me those
Toke in a full circle I gotta go tho
Stumble to the truck I'm drunk I suppose
Got an appetite for dykes & redbones
if they frontin tonight goodnight ur legs closed
I'm gone in every sense, been floating ever since, I'm rolling heavy tints so gon and take a sip ma
I'm heaven-sent, belong in every list, be flowin off the rip we goin to the westside
Yes I'm that guy now she know
feathers on my neck protects from all evil
Respect & a check I collect like the repo
Man they tryna find a way to buy my stilo
they want they jock strap that can be arranged
What's a few more hundred thou down the drain
Dang That's what these label heads are boasting
picking up cats like animal controlmen
I forgot please tell me where I'm goin
Dreamsll fuck wit ur mind and blindfold it
Swerving down the highway of life with no exit in sight
Route 666 will have u burnin
Plus the reapers on a quota and he's lurkin looking for a place to drop his turd in
Be it in a false NASDAQ or in that hoes asscrack better keep ur mind strapped up homie
Little ones carry guns in ya stomach
And keep ya head high or the world will down dumb it
Dumb it down if u can catch what I'm throwin
Ur in the select few of the worlds chosen
So keep ya mind open
Track Name: Who Am I
well just how unfortunate is he?
cursed by a gypsy, inside of his minds a design meant for Ripley's
righteous & ripping
signs of an Einstein's mind, ill & sickly reminds of a young king
in the cave where he's forced to remain
a slave to the beats & the spoils of the game
he drowns in medusas, sleeps with sirens
he commands you to listen, but in his mind is
turmoil unseen-the more bad dreams
that he has about not having things makes him fiend
seems life will never perk up
but our hero will fight through the hydras, whole armies he'll murder
inhaling the bourbon, & sailing the wondrous seas in search of his purpose
tell me do you believe in ghosts in machines, well i do
leave your ipod on when you sleep 7 they'll find you
Track Name: Child's Play
Jugar miss
The logic is flawless
I'm taking a long trip
Somewhere in Milan bitch
Where groupies are jawless
Any Italian 10 is a target
& my pistol is polished
So baby get to shakin it
Ima get to drinking
U prolly should get to docking it
Fore she get to thinking
She could prolly get a better catch
Now she fuckin with her ex
Friend, ex man nightcrawling under ya bed
Damn see the flow switch like a harder trick
They don't understand just how wild it gets
Round here we greener than John Deere
That's meaning it's our year
We taking it all yeeea
& girls of all sizes shapes are all skanks
In here so drop a line & take em then thank the beer
Man I'm sick of throwing parties at the crib
We fucking just for The fun of it baby that's all it is so
Track Name: Eve
What it feel like? Just a regular day
This what it feels like on the block where I stay
Niggas out earning their stripes & murdering over nikes
Music take me away away away
To a time before I was on the grind
& nothing was on my mind remember when I was nine
Ms Stephanie told me that I would shine
& last week I seen with feigns snorting the lines up
That just motivates me for better lines
That, pretty bitches & dreams of better times but
I can't lie I probably had it better
Than most of these niggas my parents ain't together
At least I had both they made the path clearer
I never sold dope but getting to the cheddar
Found & lost love, I wish I never met her
It's a cold cold world mutherfuckers get ur sweaters out
I'm just tryna find peace like I'm bailing out
Won't find it mainstreaming & selling out
So long the path seems but I'll never doubt
Just a young nigga with a dream & a dirty mouth
Clean it up I got the bars of lever
U niggas couldn't touch me with the arms of shiva
Ima need my niggas just to arm ur seed up
Pump em full of knowledge show them how to be leaders
I could never solve our problems in a verse
But a couple rap dollars wouldn't hurt
I can finally get my mom that leather purse
My duty's spreading the gift within the curse
For touching niggas with illness like the nurse
Yea I tried to be calm but fuck taking a loss
I'm bringing the tape to y'all don't care about what it costs
& To these niggas that's scarier than a burnt cross at ur crib
If ur hatin best my name not cross ur lips
U the main kaws like them double crosses is
You Feeling dazed it's that blunt force trauma bitch
& I ain't talking rillos
Bout to chill with Mello
& probably go play with these hoes like a young gipetto
We see em cover their nose when we tell em hello
Do you have a man? See I understand
They just looking for good times baby that's the plan
Roll it up then get higher than a ceiling fan
Pop a couple get wired like the ceiling fan
I spit a written she get wild betcha she a fan
Know I'm the god but it's harder just to be a man
I find it harder just to be a man

When my day is almost over
I sit back & blaze my dosier
& look at the moon x3
Up late nights I play that soldier
Trying to take back what they stole but
I do it for you x3
Track Name: ODE
We make money
That probably explains why the taste's funny
Expensive I'm talking that ranch & estate money
We live this supply check obey Snap
The gourmet boots match I'm crushing the scene homie
I'm nothing you've seen nor here there or between
The swagger is meanwhile the flow is obscene
I hit my nigga grapes up for the potentest green
That Blackberry K 6.0 on the beam Now
we blowing the steam locomotive regime
Niggas Take that I'm pushing ahead like wave caps
Y'all acting like this shit ain't a race erase that
I chop the shit on a plate & bake tracks niggas
I move wood kick push through the hood
Decrepit bricks over I trick it's all good
We Ducking the ave where they be sucking the glass dick
They stuck in the past, we making them future classics

I don't know if you know this feeling
Hit it & jump off the deep end
I feel like I can stomp the ceiling
I must be ODE
Hit you in your chest like hiyah!
Don't need no designated driver
You know I keep a forest fire
We going ODE

You know where were going
Right into the stars
Higher than a Boeing
Sailing clear to mars
We hailing gin&tonic
But can't get into bars
Its Prolly cuz I'm on it
When I'm getting to the bars
We headed to the boutique
Never to the mall
See I love all the groupies but I cant hug them all
We rolling like a ball
Cr-crush it till it's small
Fill it to the brim until it's looking like Rick Ross
Damn here we go again
It don't really hit you till a nigga try to stand
Now I can see the movie from the last row in the stands
Or ride the instrumental take a trip to foreign lands
All these freaking artists
All I see is clones
Look around the room
All I see is stones
We party till we throw up
Throw up till it's gone
No I will never grow up so roll up the chong

Sent from my iPod
Track Name: It's This
Welcome to the regime
just a manifestation of my dreams
Reminiscent of something you've never seen
Inside of me there's a hunger that never leaves
It's that pride in me it's a struggle balancing beam
& this goes out to all of the folks who never believed
Them niggas who insisted on choking all of our dreams
They ain't listen when I told em that I was building a team only
Now they memorizing my quotes & all of it seems phony
Good luck jacking the style finding the jeans on me
Tell em it's diamond supply & 10Deep homie
& they still won't buy I'm out of ur league homie
Classically trained directing talking machines
That means I'm in the basement with my baby Alesis
Trying to reinspire ur minds hoping it reaches
Finally see the fruits of my grind when it releases
I'm tryna leave the stadium speachless Or maybe saying

I'm wha-what u wanted
Yea I'm all on it
Where I belong is right where I'm going
Don't get me wrong for y'all niggas I'm coming
Yea I've been gone I'm hitting the ground running
I'm quite the fellow been killing it all summer
I'm nice like carmello but shooting lebron jumpers
Black white to yellow mulatto they all want us
The Project ll throw a party for nothing they all show up
I guess nothing will change when we all blow up
We steady popping bottles like we just won the lotto
I'll talking that old no. 7 on the rocks hoe
Guess I'm just a cold muthafucker from the block
No I'm just an average
Nigga that be killing when I'm getting to the pad &
Following the beat of that that's underneath the fashion
Searching through my lyrics for something everlasting
That's when a fan says

Westside in this
Where I reside the sirens & them choppers go bang bang bang
Ya better find ur clique or get with mine it's obvious that's these niggas can't hang
They keep saying hip-hops dead
Well ima just rock heads
Whatever to make ya system go bang
They take one look at the bloodshed
Say u killing it Red I bet they gon remember my name

Sent from my iPod
Track Name: Under
Under - The World
Track Name: Alive
Take my hand & you'll realize
This world were in it's all in ur mind
See Its a Digital surface & so picture perfect
That nobody knows

Late night screams in the night
Theyll haunt ur dreams & hunt till u find
Yourself deep inside yourself
U can try but it's already gone

Then it's over
Oh could it be over
It's already over
Were just getting older now
You had a dream on ur shoulder child
But it's colder out on ur own

I see that look in ur eyes You will never be alive
You're so computerized u will never be alive
Fuck what they told ya u will never be alive
Ur So computerized u will never be alive

Choose ur blade the pen or the sword
See life's a game and love is a war
& It's a beautiful surface but where is the purpose
In living alone

Plant ur seed & see for yourself
Control ur greed but reach for the wealth
Of mind & soon you'll find
What u seek is already home
released 18 May 2011
Produced by Jacobi Red