from by JACOBI RED

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She a bad bitch, like something out a mag
Beside her, designer empty leather bag
She never carry cash, so credit is very bad
But mami Fresh to death ima bury that
I'm peeping her legs couldn't tell she was staring back
Im thinking ahead hot as hell she been there & back
So I asked
I don't mean to sound eclectic
But baby can u tell me how was heaven when you left it
& then we jet
& she loving how them checks get
Every single color style of her favorite dresses
& if we riding Lexus she acting like my ex's
But if we in that jet Benz she be like my best friend
I can't stand it but I'll never abandon the p
Plus I know just how to handle the b
Whisper something fake grab her where them handles would be
A Quick blink we tearing up the sheets
Cuz baby girl afrique

Tell me why She always do her nails in the truck
It don't matter getting nailed in the truck bed
Why she always feigning like them heels ain't enough
Like Me & the devil cut a deal for the rough sex
Say she going jogging skinny jeans & the pumps
I know she lying tell me why I won't confront yet
I tell her I love her but it's all really lust
But if it isn't am I ready for the jump yet?
But what does she really mean to me
It seems to me she needs me to breathe
I make her think I believe she needs a shrink
So She do whatever she think she needs to keep me
Bringing all of her friends to the crib to meet me
She can probably guess what it is I'm thinking
-She put her mad face on making my heart skip a beat
Ménage a trois up in the loft she afrique


from REDWOOD, released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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