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What it feel like? Just a regular day
This what it feels like on the block where I stay
Niggas out earning their stripes & murdering over nikes
Music take me away away away
To a time before I was on the grind
& nothing was on my mind remember when I was nine
Ms Stephanie told me that I would shine
& last week I seen with feigns snorting the lines up
That just motivates me for better lines
That, pretty bitches & dreams of better times but
I can't lie I probably had it better
Than most of these niggas my parents ain't together
At least I had both they made the path clearer
I never sold dope but getting to the cheddar
Found & lost love, I wish I never met her
It's a cold cold world mutherfuckers get ur sweaters out
I'm just tryna find peace like I'm bailing out
Won't find it mainstreaming & selling out
So long the path seems but I'll never doubt
Just a young nigga with a dream & a dirty mouth
Clean it up I got the bars of lever
U niggas couldn't touch me with the arms of shiva
Ima need my niggas just to arm ur seed up
Pump em full of knowledge show them how to be leaders
I could never solve our problems in a verse
But a couple rap dollars wouldn't hurt
I can finally get my mom that leather purse
My duty's spreading the gift within the curse
For touching niggas with illness like the nurse
Yea I tried to be calm but fuck taking a loss
I'm bringing the tape to y'all don't care about what it costs
& To these niggas that's scarier than a burnt cross at ur crib
If ur hatin best my name not cross ur lips
U the main kaws like them double crosses is
You Feeling dazed it's that blunt force trauma bitch
& I ain't talking rillos
Bout to chill with Mello
& probably go play with these hoes like a young gipetto
We see em cover their nose when we tell em hello
Do you have a man? See I understand
They just looking for good times baby that's the plan
Roll it up then get higher than a ceiling fan
Pop a couple get wired like the ceiling fan
I spit a written she get wild betcha she a fan
Know I'm the god but it's harder just to be a man
I find it harder just to be a man

When my day is almost over
I sit back & blaze my dosier
& look at the moon x3
Up late nights I play that soldier
Trying to take back what they stole but
I do it for you x3


from REDWOOD, released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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