from by JACOBI RED

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We make money
That probably explains why the taste's funny
Expensive I'm talking that ranch & estate money
We live this supply check obey Snap
The gourmet boots match I'm crushing the scene homie
I'm nothing you've seen nor here there or between
The swagger is meanwhile the flow is obscene
I hit my nigga grapes up for the potentest green
That Blackberry K 6.0 on the beam Now
we blowing the steam locomotive regime
Niggas Take that I'm pushing ahead like wave caps
Y'all acting like this shit ain't a race erase that
I chop the shit on a plate & bake tracks niggas
I move wood kick push through the hood
Decrepit bricks over I trick it's all good
We Ducking the ave where they be sucking the glass dick
They stuck in the past, we making them future classics

I don't know if you know this feeling
Hit it & jump off the deep end
I feel like I can stomp the ceiling
I must be ODE
Hit you in your chest like hiyah!
Don't need no designated driver
You know I keep a forest fire
We going ODE

You know where were going
Right into the stars
Higher than a Boeing
Sailing clear to mars
We hailing gin&tonic
But can't get into bars
Its Prolly cuz I'm on it
When I'm getting to the bars
We headed to the boutique
Never to the mall
See I love all the groupies but I cant hug them all
We rolling like a ball
Cr-crush it till it's small
Fill it to the brim until it's looking like Rick Ross
Damn here we go again
It don't really hit you till a nigga try to stand
Now I can see the movie from the last row in the stands
Or ride the instrumental take a trip to foreign lands
All these freaking artists
All I see is clones
Look around the room
All I see is stones
We party till we throw up
Throw up till it's gone
No I will never grow up so roll up the chong

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from REDWOOD, released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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