Tall Trees

from by JACOBI RED

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Nick Nack paddwack give a dog a bone
Nick sack pretty fat niggies on the phone
& they just tryna kick it get it all lit up
Blowin shit ll make ya chest jump like a sit up
Wait about ten now a couple of em wit us
Dimes ya minds gettin slow try to keep up
Wind up 5 of the pine that'll keep us
Til u get back wit the yak nigga
Pop both those four locos & pass me those
Toke in a full circle I gotta go tho
Stumble to the truck I'm drunk I suppose
Got an appetite for dykes & redbones
if they frontin tonight goodnight ur legs closed
I'm gone in every sense, been floating ever since, I'm rolling heavy tints so gon and take a sip ma
I'm heaven-sent, belong in every list, be flowin off the rip we goin to the westside
Yes I'm that guy now she know
feathers on my neck protects from all evil
Respect & a check I collect like the repo
Man they tryna find a way to buy my stilo
they want they jock strap that can be arranged
What's a few more hundred thou down the drain
Dang That's what these label heads are boasting
picking up cats like animal controlmen
I forgot please tell me where I'm goin
Dreamsll fuck wit ur mind and blindfold it
Swerving down the highway of life with no exit in sight
Route 666 will have u burnin
Plus the reapers on a quota and he's lurkin looking for a place to drop his turd in
Be it in a false NASDAQ or in that hoes asscrack better keep ur mind strapped up homie
Little ones carry guns in ya stomach
And keep ya head high or the world will down dumb it
Dumb it down if u can catch what I'm throwin
Ur in the select few of the worlds chosen
So keep ya mind open


from REDWOOD, released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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