It's On Me (Ghetto Version)

from by JACOBI RED

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I finished school then I started handling business
Applying reverse physics & grinding to the limit
Now everything that I drop rise & won't diminish
I'm rhyming till my shit televised & Grammy wining
Red rippin, u rap on the side it's obvious
Time is just a bit on my side cuz I'm not even
19 & u won't find nobody iller
Than I so put ur cups to the sky & sip the liquor now
Brush up on it what u wanted tell em bring em out
Talking just a couple hundred never bring em out
She was touching sleazy does it guess I bring it out
She wanna get to genie rubbing heavy breathing now
Call the reverend Grab the railing oh we leaving now
Shawty bailing aint no telling where it's leading now
Now I'm in her mouth - then I'm coming out
Swallow the accent but she know I'm from the south

Look in the mirror-mirror on my wall & I see my only enemy
Real shit I want it all
I put the world on my shoulders
It's on me--never take a day off hell
It's on me--whenever they talk well
It's on me--so whatever u want girl
It's on me me me

Now everybody got their 2 cents
Hatin till I hop up out that new shit
Open sesame then where the roof is?
& u can tell my ambitions where the roof is
On a mission to put on exhibits where the Louve is
No dummy make money make noise
I'm tripping in the interview trying to stay poised
Don't they get it I'm a fucking power in this game, boi
Energizer to this, up the lights when I spit
Beware of fluorescent lights from the wrist
I'm lying I'm pushing the backlight on the wrist
They be trying to mime us & size up the risk
They're just clouding their minds I do mines on the wrist
Fighting can fuck up ur whole life, Michael Vick
& if u fighting for good u might not make it rich
But ima get out the hood & take life like the pigs
Get enough of the goods & give it right to the kids


from REDWOOD, released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


JACOBI RED Atlanta, Georgia

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